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Website Development

We conceptualize, design and develop sophisticated e-business solutions including tailor made Web applications which will help you to optimize growth. We provide complete professional website designing starting from small to large scale business & Corporate Customers and offering effective and affordable website designing and promotion services to give your online presence a better and brighter look. As your website creates a first impression on the mind of your potential customer. FAZAR Infotech is a professional website design company that stands for quality, clean website development, compatibility, and outstanding designs. Our Website Design Process is composed of multiple phases that help us deliver a quality product to you, our customer.


We aim to provide exactly that a complete range of professional quality web design, web development and Internet marketing solutions, each one tailored to meet your business needs.Having a contemporary, relevant and properly marketed website has become an expected standard in online business. Not only will it work to increase your business potential, it also helps to provide a sense of security for new and existing customers looking to use your company.

We provide perfect professional website design solution – from static web pages to dynamic (database-driven) websites, including flash animations and with advanced graphics.our expertise team involves in designing and building a website for an individual, an organization or a business with various functionality.


In order to guarantee that Universal Webs consistently delivers the language support that our clients need, we work with an Internationalization and Localization company to create glossaries, style guides, brand guides and samples (using our localization experts) that, once approved by the client’s own linguistic and cultural experts act as a road map for all website adaptation which the client has decided upon. Furthermore, the Internationalization and Localization company with which we work, has a detailed web content adaptation methodology involving a three step process that has been proven over time. The first step ensures that the website is designed to be adaptable to different languages and location and, if not, implement the necessary changes to make it so, which is the second step. The third step is the actual translation, change of symbols (such as those for currency, or images of locations or flags … etc) and translation of content for the targeted geography and/ or culture and language.